Why Famous Pastor Ezekiel was arrested

Why Famous Pastor Ezekiel was arrested

In the past few days there has been a trending story in social media about discovery of bodies at Shakahola in Kilifi county , this deaths have been connected to Mr Paul Mackenzie who is now under custody suspected to be involved in the mass killings whose number has now surpassed 100 .

Yesterday , after it was realized that there may be other pastors who may be involved in the same who may be also doing the same inhumanly act which is disgusting. The government started investigating other pastors.

This included pastor Ezekiel who is a televangelist based at Mavueni in Kilifi county . The Pastor who has been having a large following today was arrested after the investigations were concluded and the Interior cabinet minister,Kithure Kindiki, announced that he'll be charged for Mass killings.

However it should be known that his arrest is not connected to the 100 bodies found in Shakahola , but because there have been reports that people are dying at the place , Mavueni, where the pastor does his 'evalingical work '. This follows reports from nearby morgues and hospitals that there has been quite a number of death cases from the religious place.

We'll bring you more updates as they hit our newsroom stay alert . Do you think the allegations that pastor Ezekiel has been involved in mass killings are true? Let's know in the comments below.



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This is serious!


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