What You Should Know Of The Origin Of Madaraka Day Celebrations And Its Importance.

What You Should Know Of The Origin Of Madaraka Day Celebrations And Its Importance.

Madaraka Day Celebration is a joyous moment for every patriotic Kenyan .It is a day Kenya achieved self-rule from British colonialists. However , some may argue that the White rulers went away on their own having noted that it was no longer economical to manage the colony .Well , whatever one may want to think of , what really matters is we are independent. Everyone , young or old should be proud that at least we no longer live at whims of someone living thousand of miles in a palace.

The first Madaraka celebration was celebrated at Uhuru gardens in Nairobi on 1st June 1963. Kenyans from all walks of life came to witness the handing over of the leadership to Jomo Kenyatta.He was own of their own or so they thought.Jubilant screams filled air . Freedom could really be felt in the air.

Native Kenyans had gone through alot in the hands of the imperialists. Their lands had been taken away forcefully.Some of their own people had been killed .Some of their own had accepted the White man's religion and education and were now against their customs .Some were even being used by colonial regime to collect taxes which they had to labour in the White man's plantations to earn. Interestingly , these farms were theirs ideally .

The suffering and the struggle of those born during the pre-independence period surely did not go to waste .Sixty years down the line , there is alot to be celebrated but there is also alot to be done. The dreams of the countries founding fathers such as the Legendary field Marshall Dedan Kimathi are yet to be achieved.

With a population of close to 50 million people based on the recent census, we surely can make a difference in our own very minute ways.This is possible if we keep our living spaces clean however small they are , if we can plant a tree every once in a while , if we can at least be kind to our nurses in public hospitals . We can for sure do it the Kaizen way.



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